cedar glen homestead

a brief history

the homestead

Built in 1901 from timber grown on the property, The Homestead had only ever been occupied by the Stephens family until they began using the house solely for farmstay purposes from 2000.

As was common at the turn of the 20th century, the old Queenslander style houses were built in two sections. This is evident in Cedar Glen Homestead, where the front section is all living area, while the back section houses the kitchen, dining and lounge area.

the farmstay

In 1980, Janet and Peter Stephens were in Sydney on holiday. They had previously seen an advertisement from a travel agent looking for farms to send guests to for rural Australian experiences. They thought that this might be a nice way to meet new people, as well as a chance to supplement dwindling income from the beef cattle operation. They met up with the agent while in Sydney and that’s how it all began.

The family started taking guests on a very small scale in Cedar Glen Homestead where they also lived with their primary school aged children. Janet did all of the cooking on an old wood combustion stove which was kept alight 24hrs a day. The stove was also responsible for generating the hot water, as well we cooking.

As the beef industry continued to deteriorate, with beef prices lowering and expenses climbing, the Stephens family began to increasingly rely on the Farmstay income to keep the property going. Meanwhile, all of the other branches of the Stephens family in the valley had sold their properties as they became unviable without diversification.

The Farmstay has expanded significantly over the years and had accounted for 75% of the properties income up until 2020 when the Stephens family decided it was time to change hands and take a break.

new beginnings

The farmstay lease was sold and is now run by the Tainton family who continue to work closely with the Stephens family when it comes to guest activities and the occasional snake wrangling.

The Tainton family have an unfounded love and respect for the property and welcome the opportunity to share its rich history with guests and return it to it’s former glory.

Our Accommodation

Guests can stay in the original 1901 Homestead or choose one of three historic cottages which have been renovated to maintain the rustic charm and authenticity of a bygone era. All buildings are surrounded by wide verandas perfect for soaking up the country views.

The Homestead

The original Cedar Glen Homestead is one of the first things you see as you come up the long driveway.

The Homestead is ideal for large groups that want to enjoy the beautiful country breeze from the large veranda.

The Dairy Cottage Cedar Glen Farmstay

Dairy Cottage

Originally built for the Dairy workers, this cottage is a great choice to take in all the views the farm has to offer.

The Dairy Cottage has spectacular views of both the paddocks where our cows and horses graze, as well as the mountain views.


Stinson Cottage

The relocated cottage is a lovely escape for couples and families. Offering two bedrooms and sleeping 6, The Stinson Cottage is a quaint and cozy getaway.

Backing onto one of the larger paddocks, you may be lucky enough to have some of the farm animals come up and say hello.


Wallaby Cottage

Another relocated cottage overlooking the bushland of Cedar Glen. This cottage is tucked away in a quiet and private spot on the property.

Enjoy the beautiful back veranda with a glass of wine in hand while soaking in the tranquil escape.

5-star-review scenic rim accommodation

An oasis of peace, tranquillity and serenity and only an hour and a half from Brisbane!

Shaun Carling

5-star-review scenic rim accommodation

We have been multiple time but since the new owners took over, wow is all I can say!

Valerie Grasby

5-star-review scenic rim accommodation

From the moment we arrived, Shari, Zac, and their lovely grandparents welcomed us with open arms.

John Luna